Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Please read about Kate and Peter Ambrusco

By Ellipses

I understand that this content isn't typical of The Elliptical Press. Bear with me.

This morning, a state representative from Pennsylvania tweeted a link to a blog that is written by Amy Ambrusco that details her life after her two children were killed in a car accident. It goes without saying that the blog itself is heart-wrenching and is best digested piecemeal rather than all at once. That said, the frankness with which Ms. Ambrusco recounts her daily struggles coping with her loss is touching and reaffirming on a number of levels. I immediately saw myself in some of her comments... rather, I saw myself eventually reacting to certain stimuli in a similar manner as she.

Because of that instantaneous connection and the feeling the it evoked in me, I submitted a link to her blog to Reddit, a social news website where submissions are voted up or down based on their relative quality within the community. The reaction to it has been positive and the comments to the submission confirm that Ms. Ambrusco is speaking to the world in a language that is familiar to many people. It came to my attention that Ms. Ambrusco and her ex-husband are raising money to construct a playground in their children's memory near their former school. Since we have a number of regular readers as well as a greater number of spontaneous first-time readers that stumble onto our blog, I wanted to basically create another spot on the internet where this story is made accessible to people.

Click here to read the Callapitter Blog

Click here to read about the fundraising efforts to build a memorial playground.
There is an address to which donations may be sent at the bottom of that article.

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