Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crazy Glenn at it Again

by Cylinsier

And you thought shit couldn't get any more fucked. Well it can! Volunteerism is the new communism!

That's right! If you volunteer, you are one of Barack Obama's commie gestapo! This guy... Sphere: Related Content


Ondinita said...

Phony says he volunteers!!!! :-0

Ellipses said...

Words cannot express the... the... what can I say? There are no words.

MJ said...

"The whim of a madman!"

Brant said...

I think somebody should volunteer to give this D-bag the ass-whipping of his life. Only an idiot like Beck could turn volunteerism into something bad. And aren't the conservatives the ones who want to do away with social programs and let communities care for the less fortunate among them? And wouldn't that necessitate people VOLUNTEERING??? What a dick.