Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Windows Pisseda

by Cylinsier

I've already done one blog on my thoughts about Windows 7, but I felt it was necessary to do another because of how fucking pissed I am at the way they are handling the Windows 7 transition this month. For those that don't remember or didn't read the first entry, I am a dedicate Windows Vista user. My current homebuilt machine runs Vista Ultimate 64 and while I am a little disappointed in the lack of features that were allegedly coming at some point, I am actually really happy with the OS and have never had any problems with it. Seriously. It runs like a dream for me.

In my last post, I basically ranted that Windows 7 is a Vista service pack and that its a little absurd that Microsoft is expecting its consumers, especially early adopters of the much maligned Vista, to shell out huge amounts of cash for it. For the record, for me to upgrade to 7 Ultimate, it would cost over $200. If you're buying a fresh install (and you have to if you use XP; there is no upgrade option) its over $300 for Ultimate. Of course, its cheaper for lesser versions, but not that much cheaper.

Mac went through a similar situation with the recent release of Snow Leopard. I want to point out that Tiger, the version of OSX that precedes Leopard is 10.4. Leopard is 10.5 Snow Leopard is 10.6. Mac, being the smart and savvy company that they are, offered very cheap upgrades not just to Leopard users, but to Tiger users as well! We're talking $30 or less.

Microsoft, not to be outdone, nevertheless managed not to grow a soul by offering their own "discount program." Buy a Vista computer now (anytime after June I believe) and get a free 7 upgrade. In other words, adopt the OS we are abandoning at the 11th hour and we'll hook you up. Which is fine, actually; they should give anyone who buys a Vista machine 7 for free at this point since they are kicking Vista to the curb. But I've had my computer much longer than that. What about me? "Fuck you," is basically what Microsoft has to say to me and everyone else that actually supported Vista. You know, the loyal customers.

So why did I make a big deal about the version numbers of Leopard? Here's why: Windows XP is 5.1. Windows Vista is 6.0, a whole new version. Its understandable then that they can't offer upgrades to XP users because they've stepped up to a different architecture. Windows 7...is version 6.1. That's right. 6.1. Just like I said before, Windows 7 is a fucking Vista service pack that costs 200 bucks.

I stayed loyal to Microsoft and this is the thanks I get. Same for anyone else out there that, love it or hate it, took a chance on Vista. Right now, 20% of the PC market is Vista. That's one in five people who just got kicked in the nuts, excluding the small portion of those who made the Vista "commitment" after June. Is this pissing me off enough that I'm going to go out and buy a Mac? No. I used OSX 10.4 at my last job for almost 2 years and it drove me bonkers. But it does mean that I'm going to go against my early adopter tendency and skip Windows 7. I won't be getting it any time soon...maybe not ever. Unless Microsoft gets smart and sweetens the deal for those of us that actually deserve it. But what are the chances of that happening? Sphere: Related Content

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