Thursday, October 8, 2009

UFL kicks off tonight!

by Cylinsier

Don't forget, the UFL has its inaugural game tonight at 9 PM, and you can watch it online, for free, right here:

If I'm not mistaken, its also being televised on Versus. So that's another two people that can join the hundreds, maybe thousands, that will be watching online.

If you needed to be reminded of a good reason to watch, some shmuck online made an argument for it a while back.

UPDATE 9:07 pm: Well it took me for goddamn ever to connect to the feed, but the game is up. The teams are only just now taking the field. I tuned in just in time for a Men's Warehouse commercial.

UPDATE 9:15 pm: Kickoff! JP Losman is out on offense first. Jim Fassel seems happy. The stadium is damn near empty and the crowd noise makes it sound like a high school game. I hope Denny Green has a contractual obligation to flip the fuck out in post game at least once this season. It'll be great for ratings.

UPDATE 9:43 pm: Las Vegas finally scores the first points, a field goal. So far, the first thing that stuck out to me is the weird colors; the uniforms are a bold bright mixture, the refs where red Tiger Woods style polos, the first down poles are neon green, and so are the goal post pads. The second thing that stuck out to me is they don't nearly have all the kinks worked out yet. There were several audio problems and some video feed cuts that were a little odd. The announcers are trying hard though and they cut down to live audio of the coaches and players more often than the NFL which is...interesting I guess.

UPDATE the next morning: Well the Mentalist came on at 10 and I watched that instead of the game, then fell asleep. What can I say? I really want to like the UFL and I appreciate that the game was shown for free online. Vegas won 30-17 if you were curious. But the product just didn't have that zip that NFL or even college ball has. It might get there, but it isn't there yet. Sphere: Related Content

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Wesley said...

Excellent! Mentalist is my favorite show.

Cy, why not put a post out there about the Redskins and hiring Sherman Lewis away from Bingo Calling? Kiss of death for JZ?