Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where's Joe Wilson when you need him?

By Ellipses

Joe Lieberman, you lie!

Are there any doubts where this senator's allegiance lies, now?

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Brant said...

Lieberman is one of the biggest egomaniacs, and backstabbing turncoats, in Washington, and that's saying a lot.

Cylinsier said...

Let it be known to all lobbyists on capitol hill; Lieberman is for sale, and the price is cheap.

Wesley said...

How ironic that you would talk about loyalty and Liebreman when the Democrat Party cornholed him and he had to run as an independent. He is one of the finest men on the hill.

Cylinsier said...

Hadassah Lieberman is the wife of United States Senator Joseph Lieberman (ID - CT).

She has worked as a Research Analyst at Lehman Brothers (1971-72), as Director of Policy, Planning, and Communications at Pfizer (1982-85), and as a Senior Program Officer at the National Research Council (1990-93).

Hadassah has also worked for the lobbying company, APCO Associates, that had many pharmaceutical and healthcare corporations among its clients, as well as four major drug companies such as Pfizer. In March 2005, Hadassah was hired by Hill & Knowlton as "senior counselor" in the firm's "health care and pharmaceuticals practice." Hadassah's close relationship with pharmaceutical and healthcare corporations while her husband introduced legislation benefiting these exact companies has raised questions about improprieties and conflict of interest.

Wesley said...

No proof of impropriety and no ethics investigation. When they were busy screwing him in the last election this would have been a good time to beat him over the head with this. But they did not and they were out for blood so I am forced to believe there is nothing there.

Lieberman is a liberal at the end of the day so I am not a huge fan of him politically. But I respect him as a gentleman and to suggest he is guilty of some improper behavior is a cheap shot against a very decent man. Typical liberal technique of isolate, target and ruin the person so you don't have to address the argument. His arguments are all logical and legitimate. Just because you are a zealot about this health care it has blinded you to any other opinions.

Brant said...

I don't see how the Democratic Party screwed Lieberman. He was supported by the majority of the state party leaders in his state yet lose the Senate primary. He came back and won as an independent in November but was allowed by the Democratic leadership in the Senate to keep his committee assignments, even though he clearly sided with Bush and Cheney in Iraq and, despite his earlier claims that he wanted to see a Democrat elected president and for the Dems to gain control of Congress, he endorsed and even campaigned for John McCain. The man is no longer a Democrat, and the Democratic Party owes him nothing. They should not be chided for mounting an all-out effort to send him packing in 2012.

Ellipses said...

Just as it is to be expected that Specter will face an "all-out effort to send him packing" by Pennsylvania republicans... it's to be expected.

Wesley said...

Brant, spoken like a true AntiSemetic. The Dems let Lieberman keep his seats because they did not want to lose his vote. Specter is a schmuck who has no principles and will do anything to stay in the Senate. He is going to pay big at election time.

Brant said...

Why don't you point out, Wes, what I have said that was in any way anti-Semitic. Is it now verboten to criticize someone who is a public figure just because of their religion? Frankly, it matters not to me whether Lieberman is Jewish, Episcopalian, Catholic, Mormon or a Scientologist.

Cylinsier said...

Yeah, Jewish person here. There was nothing offensive about your post except how unoffensive it was. We have standards here! Please try to make the language of your future comments more colorful.

Elizabeth said...

Yea Wes! Glad to see you are back, although now I see you've posted several other entries. I thought after Cy had his "temper tantrum in the supermarket" moment that you had left to add your superior commentary and humor to another site - glad you didn't - I enjoy the banter, especially with El and you. Although this blog with its IP checking, entry deleting and anonymity outing is pretty pitiful. I too would still like for you to start your own blog, but what would these clowns do - they are out begging for readers on other blogs on a daily basis. In fact, the EP had become like a daily twitter session between Beavis and Butthead (eh, eh, great post Cy; eh, eh, great post El).

Elizabeth said...

About Joe L and anti-Semitism - I GOT it Wes! Illustrating obsurdity with obsurdity is brilliant - you must write for a living. I guess all those critics of Obama are not really racists. Cy, I thought in your rambling thesis on antheism, that you declared you were an atheist and were raised by Christians? Now you are a Jew?!?! WTF! Your use of the word Neo-Con is a derogatory term for "dirty Jew" and every Jew knows it and would never utter that word. We are all offended by its usage and yet you've thrown it around more than once in your commentary, so don't use your Jew card to go after Lieberman - it doesn't hold water (holy water :).

Cylinsier said...

That might have been more coherent had you not gotten drunk and taken a fist full of pain pills before you wrote it.

As an aside, the EP has had over 60,000 unique visitors this month, so we have a nice little granule of the internet that is aware of our presence.

Being Jewish is both a religion and an ethnic heritage. I am not observant of any religion but that does not stop me from honoring my Jewish heritage and remembering my ancestors by celebrating holidays like Chanukah or Passover.

I've never heard anyone claim that "Neocon" means "dirty Jew." You are a complete moron if you expect anyone to take you seriously on that point. Neocon means Neoconservative.

Ellipses said...

Can I be a dirty jew? I'm circumcised...

Elizabeth said...

So I said "obsurdity" instead of "absurdity" - sue me. It doesn't change the content of the post. Sorry, neo-con is a slur in the Jewish community - it began being used against the conservative Jews who supported the Republican administration. Just because you say it isn't so doesn't make it so. If you would read something besides the NYT or listen to something besides NPR, you would know it. Gee, I'm 1/100th French and I don't celebrate Bastille Day. I am 100% JEW and you remind me of the dentist on Seinfeld who converted just so he could tell Jewish jokes...sad. I was ready to get attacked for this post - that is par for the course on this site, but it doesn't make you right. 60,000, huh, where are they?!

Ellipses said...

In October, they were here:

British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Faroe Islands
French Polynesia
Hong Kong
Isle of Man
Macedonia [FYROM]
Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
Palestinian Territories
Puerto Rico
Saint Lucia
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

That's a list of countries from which we received traffic.

"Sorry, neo-con is a slur in the Jewish community - "

"kaffir" is an ethnic slur in South Africa... But I didn't know that until 11 seconds ago, so all the times in my life that I verbalized the word as "coffer" don't count as me hatin' on South African blacks... Don't be a retard, Liz... neo-con, in contemporary political discourse, refers to "new conservatism"...

"I'm 1/100th French and I don't celebrate Bastille Day. I am 100% JEW and you remind me of the dentist on Seinfeld who converted just so he could tell Jewish jokes..."

Maybe you should celebrate Batille day... I hear it's a riot.

"I was ready to get attacked for this post - that is par for the course on this site"

Thank you, Ma'am, may I have another?

Cylinsier said...

Elizabeth is 0% Jewish but she's 100% full of shit.

Ondinita said...

Elizabeth...I read this blog almost everyday and I have other friends that do too. We just don't always have time to comment and deal with the replies to our comments.

I had never heard the term "neocon" used as an insult to Jews!

Wesley said...

Way to go Elizabeth. I thought you might be in the tribe. Your are very bright but I’m still not fucking you. }:)

It pissed me off the first time I heard Cy ignorantly cast that epithet but I let it slide. My bad. "Neoconservatives" has become an epithet for "Jews"--an epithet employed most often by the left. One big culprit has been Air America. Tune in to the ridiculously left wing radio network, and you could hear angry ignorant bitch Janeane Garofalo blast the "influence" of the "neocons" on the Bush Administration back in the day, then go on to name names such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams and Libby. Not a single gentile name makes the list, so it's the Jewish influence to which the libs takes particular exception.

"Neocon" is "yid." That's right, "neoconservative," particularly in its shortened form, when employed by a nonconservative and therefore meant derogatorily, is the modern, albeit more specific, word for "kike" that the left can say ever since American conservatism became yet something else that Jews have managed to benefit from--the conquered, final frontier of that famous Jewish manipulation.
The classical portrait of 'neo-con' (read: F'ing Jew) advisors, who drip poison in the ears of their hapless gentile bosses, while they advance their global plot to subvert true American interests and take over the world and thereby 'advance the strategic goals of Israel.'

Ethnic slurs can start out as euphemisms before evolving into derogations. "Colored" was a way to avoid the N-word, but today it doesn't go over very well itself. And a century ago Jews jokingly called one another by their Ellis Island designation "keikle" (Yiddish for "circle")--until the joke was co-opted by those who hated Jews.

You ignornat libs.

Ellipses said...

You are retarded. If you ask 157732346 people to name 5 neocons, you are more likely to get names like hannity, beck, and palin than Cohen, Gould, or levin. It's "neat" information that it's ALSO an antisemitic slur, but it's also "new" information. Honestly, when I say neocon, I intend it as a slur against bible banging, creationist, holy roller Christians. If I wanted to slur Jews, I'd use a term that people actually recognize.

Brant said...

Hey, Wesley. I see that in addition to being a blowhard, you're also a plagiarist:

From the WSJ Opinion Archives
Blame It on Neo
Don't call me a "neocon" unless you are a friend.

Thursday, September 23, 2004 12:01 A.M. EDT

Last week Pat Buchanan appeared on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," and liberal host Jon Stewart bonded with his paleoconservative guest over their mutual opposition to the liberation of Iraq. Mr. Stewart smiled and nodded while Mr. Buchanan derided "neoconservatives" four times in the course of the six-minute interview. In his efforts to promote his and his guest's common agenda, Mr. Stewart didn't ask Mr. Buchanan what he meant by "neoconservatives." It was clear that the Jewish Mr. Stewart didn't realize that Mr. Buchanan was using what has become an epithet for "Jews"--an epithet employed most often by the left.

One big culprit has been Air America. Tune in to the proudly liberal radio network, and you'll hear actress-turned-activist Janeane Garofalo and other hosts frequently blast the "influence" of the "neocons" on the Bush Administration, then go on to name names such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams and Libby. Not a single gentile name makes the list, so it's the Jewish influence to which the network takes particular exception.

That's just a sample of Wesley's intellectual theft. If you want to see more, go to

Ellipses said...

Oh dear... that red hand print is probably going to linger for a while...

Cylinsier said...

Both Communist and Socialist are also slurs against Jews. I'm declaring it now. Karl Marx's parents were both Jewish, meaning he was 100% Jewish. Therefore, the use of Communist, Socialist, and all derivations are clearly meant as epithets against Jews. If anyone calls me a socialist again, I'm calling the ACLU.

Wesley said...

I don't know what's worse; the fact that you are too ignorant to realize that "Neocon" is a term invented by the left (also used by the right) to slur Jews that are big on National Defense (It's one of Pat Buchanon's favorite Jew slurs); or you are doubling down on the big lie so you can still sling it around like white kids singing rap songs with the N Word in it. Either way you are recklessly insensitive and zealots. Zealots are people who once they discover they are wrong they redouble their efforts. That would be you. Real Jews are offended by the word and saying that should have been enough to get you to abondon it's use.

As far as the WSJ lift...I knew you would never read the link and that article is evidence to support my argument. I couldn't lose. Now you have read the article suckers. I will start citing my sources when E and Cy do.

So let me get this straight, instead of answering the points of my argument, one of you ass pirates does a web search to try to destroy me personally. Typical liberal tactic, change the subject and attack. You are the most insecure ninnies. If you can't take the heat then why are you in the blog kitchen? We already know you check IP addresses to out anyone that opposes your views. Which defeats the whole idea of a blog. Without some opposing voices you are exposed for the mutual admiratiuon society that you really are. Also, typically liberal, you don't like freedom of speech either.

Brant said...

Well, it would be nice if the opposing voice was your own. You're not using "sources." You're stealing other people's words and passing them off as your own. You're a lame joke. You're a sham. You can try to couch it as if you pulled some scam on the rest of us, but the truth is, you're just a pathetic loser. And your response is to attack the people who reveal you for what you are: a would-be Internet bully who turns out to be a big puss hiding behind the intellectual skirts of real thinkers.

Wesley said...

I rest my case. Attack me personally and avoid the subject. Anti-Semetism is no laughing matter.

I know you are but what am I. (source Pee Wee Herman)

"lame joke," "sham," "pathetic loser" "Internet bully" "big puss" "hiding behind the intellectual skirts" ...well at least you are not hiding behind any intellectual skirts. In fact you are not hiding nor are you intellectual. Your attack is mean spirited, crass, and unvarnished. The lot of you seem obsessed with cricizing people instead of ideas.

Cylinsier said...

Ellipses said...

"Anti-Semetism is no laughing matter. "

I lol'd

Wesley said... are very clever. Are you sure you are not Jewish? ...ooops..I mean a Neocon. Cy, I am glad that you got that I was accusing Brant of projection. Spot on.

Brant said...

Wesley, did your momma not breast feed you? I'm trying to find an explanation for your jackassery. Keep posting, though. You just make yourself look more and more like a whiny little bitch.

Cylinsier said...

Brant, a word of advice:

Don't argue with insane people because they will drag you down to their level and beat you on experience.

Brant said...

You may have a point there. The "conversation" isn't going to improve. ;-)

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