Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Open mic

By Ellipses

As of a few minutes ago, I am a confirmed friend of Daryl Metcalfe on Facebook.

Rather than just blindly start badgering him, any suggestions as to the types of questions I should ask him? He only has 218 friends right now... so it's not like I'm one person out of a million probing him on issues... I'd like to get something substantive from him before he "Beveridges" me (*wink).

I'm thinking it may be time to set up a new facebook account... one for a feller who is a Gay Muslim Pro-Obama Soldier who drives a Prius and is married to an abortion doctor. Just for kicks... Sphere: Related Content


Paul -V- said...

Just dig a hole in the ground and yell into it. You'll get the same effect.

Ellipses said...

Ha! At least then you'd have a useful hole!

MJ said...

Since he's a decorated veteran, ask him how many Nazis he killed in Germany in the 1980s.

Cylinsier said...

Ask him why he's an asshat. Loaded questions are my favorite kind.

Ondinita said...

I don't think he's ever gonna have many "friends' on FB!! hehe

Ellipses said...

I was thinking of Glenn Becking him...

Me: Why haven't you addressed the question of whether or not you raped and murdered that girl in 1990?

Him: The hell?

Me: I have googled it... no record of you refuting the claims of a girl claiming that she was raped and then murdered by you in 1990

Him: I see what you are doing here.

Me: Oh, I'm sorry... you are right. She claims she was murdered THEN raped by you in 1990... thanks for catching that, is that an admission?

Him: I think this conversation is over

Me: I'm just going to take that as a "maybe"