Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Witchcraft!

By Ellipses

Has there ever been such strong divisions over a first lady, 6 months into her husband's first term, as there is with Michelle Obama?

E.D. Hill shit out her mouth when she described Michelle and Barack's fist bump as a "terrorist fist jab."

Sean Hannity still pinches his nipples when he recites Michelle's "proud of my country" bit.

Critics seize on her proclamation that America is "downright mean" and offer it up as proof that she's a raving racist. Hell, if you took their word for it, Barack, Michelle, and Sotomayor are practically photographic negatives of the KKK. I do find it interesting that "reverse" racism is always buried beneath nuance and haute rhetoric, whereas regular old white racism is generally planted high atop a mountain of stupidity.

And when she wore expensive shoes to a soup kitchen? Oh my dear lord Jesus, it was like she rolled up to a welfare office on 20 inch spinners!

The "mainstream" media (read: not Fox News... or radio) is only concerned with her fashion choices and cookie recipes (like they have been for every other first lady, ever), while those who pay attention (to bullshit conspiracy theories) are absolutely enamored with her Chicago-style thuggocratic undermining of a 233 year old foundation of... well, hell if I know what she's undermining.

So what's the deal with Michelle Obama? What is it about her that makes her a less sympathetic figure than other first ladies? As far as I know, she has never actually killed someone (like Laura Bush), nor has she been accused of having someone killed (like Hilary Clinton). Not that society really cares about these things, but she was neither the president's second wife (like Nancy Reagan), nor was she a divorcee (like Betty Ford).

Are there still people who are intimidated by an educated, intelligent, successful woman with a stable family life and a firm grasp on her own life?

Is that why the right seems to include her in their incoherently vague lists of what's wrong with the Obama presidency? You know, how they just say names and act like it means something... "Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Saul Aulinski, Michelle Obama... ha! What an evil bastard!"

Or... is it just because she likes black guys? Sphere: Related Content

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