Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The world is lucky...

by Cylinsier

I feel in my inebriated state that its high time we take a break from all the polarizing mumbo jumbo and observe a law of physics that occurs naturally apparently across the world that we are ALL lucky is true. CNN reports that an asshat dumbfuck in Spain was caught trying to trade porn of his 11 year old sister for a car. That's right. Naked pictures of a little girl for wheels. Which officially earns him membership in the asshole of the month club. At least in my opinion. In fact, he might have just reserved his spot in the asshole hall of fame.

Which brings me to my point. The world is lucky. Lucky in a way that lottery addicts and Vegas toursits can only dream about. We are lucky that pedophiles and pedophilia peddlers are complete and utter morons. Seriously.

Let's pretend that you are fond of committing a felony. Any felony. It doesn't matter. Let's totally exclude the whole part about demolishing the innocence of a mere child for now and stick to the felony part. So you know, YOU KNOW FOR A FACT, that the feds are in every chatroom that has anything at all to do with your sick fetish. But you go there. That's cool. You go there and you find a kid who's like 12 and she's all "talk to me about your junk."

Time out. How fucking stupid do you have to be to buy this? Answer: pretty fucking stupid. So this "12 year old" talks to you for a while about how she's all curious about her body and wants a big strong man to teach her things, or whatever these peverts need to hear to get them all aroused and dumb. And then they ask, "hey, let's meet at Chucky Cheese's and get together." And these idiots FUCKING BUY IT.

So the pedo shows up and Janie is actually Jackson Slade the 250 pound state trooper with 1% body fat. Owned.

Yes, the world is lucky. We are lucky that the sick child molesters of the world also happen to be probably the dumbest land-based creatures on the surface of the planet. Lizards are saying to themselves, "can you believe this dipshit?" It's pretty bad. So when you go to bed tonight, don't forget to thank your lucky stars that pedophiles are dumbasses.
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1 comment:

LittleJ said...

Bravo for pedophiles being dumbasses!

And Bravo for inebriated blogging!