Sunday, August 2, 2009

Slowly but surely

by Cylinsier

According to a recent CNN political story, John McCain has a Twitter account...and its more popular than the official White House twitter account. Now, the story is a little misleading. Read further and you'll see that Barack Obama also has a Twitter account and it has nearly twice the number of subscribers as McCain's; its just that many of them never jumped on to the White House account after he won the election. Nevertheless, McCain has over a million subscribers and this is good news for conservatives and really for the country as a whole.

Look, John McCain is still one of my favorite Republicans and a man worthy of admiration in my opinion. He went a little kooky during the race and I will refrain from comment on his choice of running mate, but overall I would have rather had him running against Obama than any other conservative in the nation save for maybe Powell. He's always been as bipartisan or even nonpartisan as possible when the rest of his party were finding new heights of partisanship. He's always been levelheaded and for the most part honest. If the Republican party is going to survive its current state, it will be on the shoulders of men like McCain, not the Limbaughs and Gingrichs who are about divisiveness and egoism.

That's why its good that McCain has this many followers. I may not agree with him on a lot of issues, but I value the dissenting opinions of men like him in keeping this nation constantly in motion, swaying back and forth and always trying to find the best path forward. If this country were ever to fall, it would be due to political complacency and a lack of drive to improve. Some in the GOP, like the names above, aren't interested in improvement, at least not anyone's but their own. But McCain, even when I think he's wrong, is genuinely invested in the betterment of the nation and I never doubted that. I encourage Twitter users who are political junkies from all sides of the aisle to subscribe to McCain AND the White House and I hope that conservatives, especially young conservatives, will look to people like McCain and Powell rather than the jackass agents of hatred that call themselves Republicans vying for their attention.

You can follow John McCain on Twitter here: SenJohnMcCain
The White House can be followed here: whitehouse
And Obama's original Twitter is here: BarackObama Sphere: Related Content


Ellipses said...

That's awesome... I have been following Meghan for a while, as well as the white house... and I know that Meghan had tweeted that some people had squatted her dad's name on Twitter.

One question, though... who actually does the tweeting for him? A staffer?

Cylinsier said...

No clue, but even if someone else does it for him, its still a small step in the right direction.