Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How about we set Glenn Beck's show to the tune of "Goin' off the rails on a crazy train?"

By Ellipses

1. All of America's problems are caused by atheists.

2 Children are being taught to sing songs set to the tune of other songs and that is bad.

3. America is the only country on earth that recognizes God's authority

4. We don't need Social Justice, we need Eternal Justice

1. How many self-identifying atheists are there in government?

2. Did you know that you can sing Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" to the tune of "Oh My Darlin'?" Try it, it's awesome.

3. You (Glenn) are a fucking retard.

4. You (Glenn) are a fucking retard.

Dry those tears, pussy, that's why your mom killed herself.

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Cylinsier said...

Those mormon undergarments probably get all twisted up pretty easily. I'd be grumpy all the time too.

MJ said...

"The whim of a madman!"

Lori said...

OH MY I don't care if he is a black or white, repub or dem, Christian or Athiest president, I would not want my children singing his praises with those words. No man deserves the honor they were bestowing. Sorry I don't even remember what Beck was babbling about. I will go back and relisten to the "whim of a madman"

MJ said...

OK, I will temporarily suspend my "The whim of a madman" Glenn Beck protest with this wonderful link of children singing tjhe praises to a real American president... I hope to Jesus that this is a hoax by radicals in the Democratic Party. Sadly, I don't think that's the case.

Ellipses said...

Thanks Mike... Brant had told me to watch that documentary (Jesus Camp)... literally the scariest film I've ever experienced.

Looking for the video of this... but kids sang to george and laura to praise them for their good work on that whole katrina thing...


Ondinita said...

My head almost EXPLODED when I saw this!!!! What the hell is he rambling about? He's so insincere and his acting is not even good! It's like watching a kid in a high school play badly portraying a madman! Beck says that we are a powerful nation bc we put God first...How about all the theocracies? According to Beck's argument, theocracies should be even more powerful since they don't have separation of Church and State...They're all about God 24/7! And is he against human rights and social justice? If Glenn Beck was a true Libertarian, he'd advocate separation of Church & State!

Vinicius Brasil said...

can someone develop an anti-Glenn Beck website, this guys is awful. More radio and TV demigods that appeal to the religious right, I think one is enough there are about 6 of them now on Fox alone. Oh my head hurts.