Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pittsburgh welcomes a few world leaders and a bunch of unhappy people

by Cylinsier

The G-20 is coming to Pittsburgh. But what is the G-20? Well, the history goes a little something like this...

In the 90's, during the G Funk Era, Warren G established the organization so that he could better Regulate...things. Over the years, several new members joined: Kenny G, all of G-Unit, the Low G Man, G-Man, G Fresh, the G-Force (both the five youths dressed as anthropomorphic bird people and the three talking guinea pigs), and HG Wells (reanimated by the G-Virus). The virus counts as the twentieth member.

Okay, not really. The G-20 is the top twenty economies in the world. They are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union, so its really more than twenty countries cheating to look like twenty. They're getting together in charming Pittsburgh to discuss money. Lots of money. Because that's what the G-20 always talks about. One of the main topics will be the International Monetary Fund.

However, for those of us residing in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, the main event will be the protests. Many different groups will be coming. Some will be protesting the lack of jobs, some foreign wars, some environmental awareness, and probably a slew of other things. I myself will be leading a one-man protest of protesters who can't get on the same page. And also, pretty much the whole city will be in lock down. Getting into the city will be a chore and considering what will be there (only protesters and foreign leaders since everything else will be closed) probably not worth it.

Hopefully some relatively interesting stuff will happen and you'll see us blogging about this more as the week continues. For now, it amounts to giving me an excuse to work from home later this week and an attempt at setting the world record for most pop culture references that rely on the letter "G." Sphere: Related Content

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Pookie said...

So...uh...has anything interesting happened?

I met a great gal at a sports bar in DC last week. She was here for work but we met when she asked the bartender for IC Light. I told her she wasn't going to find it walking distance from downtown, and then of course we both realized we were Pittsburghers. We had such a fantastic conversation about whatever! People from Pittsburgh are so nice. I hope she had a great stay in DC. And, I hope that the 'Burgh isn't too much a mess with the muckety-mucks running around this week. Streets get closed, yeah, but it's a great opportunity to schmooze with semi-important people and show off Pittsburgh as a nice city with a diverse economy, world-class research institutions, culture, and actual nice people who just like living in such a nice city. For reals, hope it hasn't been a pain in the arse for yinz.